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Therapy Solutions, based in Dickinson, is southwest North Dakota's leading therapy clinic. We are committed to providing excellent care to ensure our clients reach their full health potential. Our team takes pride in personalized and individualized therapy. Therapy Solutions' mission is to help you "Take Your life Back."

Therapy Solutions has had the privilege of providing rehabilitative services to the residents of Hill Top Home of Comfort as well as working closely with employees.  With the addition of the assisted living units in 2017, Therapy Solutions has been able to expand their services to the tenants of Legacy Lodge.  Therapy Solutions is able to offer services to residents and tenants of both Hill Top Home of Comfort and Legacy Lodge without the need to leave the building by utilizing our in house location.



Therapy Solutions’ Rehabilitative Services is provided by highly qualified therapy professionals. Therapists design and implement treatment plans to assist individuals recover from a variety of disabling injuries and illnesses.

Therapy Solutions’ multidisciplinary team consists of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, who work closely with facility staff to provide the highest quality of care. We are committed to providing excellent care to ensure residents reach their full potential, tailoring treatment plans to individual’s needs to assist them to take their life back.

Our team approach encourages therapists to utilize a multidisciplinary approach and to collaborate with a patient’s entire team in order to provide the highest quality care.



Therapy Solutions offers a variety of rehabilitative services to assist you in regaining mobility, physical function and a full sense of well-being. Whether you recently suffered an accident or injury, or have been dealing with chronic pain and the inability to function at your full capacity, Therapy Solutions can help you “Take Your Life Back" with our professional and caring team.

A consultation is the first step to ensure a proper diagnosis, which enables us to put together an individualized treatment plan for your wellness. The Therapy Solutions’ team works closely with you, your physician, or health care team to provide individualized, thorough and integrated treatment.

Whether it is physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, mental health counseling, athletic training or occupational health services, there is a path to help you “Take Your Life Back.”

Take the first step today by calling 701.483.1000, Therapy Solutions is waiting for you.


Therapy Solutions

Main Office – Dickinson:

448 21st Street West, Suite D1

Dickinson, ND 58601

Phone – 701.483.1000

Fax – 701.483.1001

E-Mail –


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