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Board of  Directors

Front:  Sandee Pittsley, Nancy Tuhy, Board President John Dolezal, Deb Harsche

Back:  Shelley Flaget, Sandy Rohde, Cindy Bice, Dawn Stroh.

Not pictured:  Klay Carlson

Gerry Leadbetter is the administrator at Hill Top Home of Comfort and was instrumental in the building of Legacy Lodge.  Gerry has been a part of the Hill Top team for six years..

Pam Paul is the Housing Manager at Legacy Lodge.  Pam is a certified CNA and CMA and holds an associate degree in health administration.

Hill Top Heritage Foundation Board

Front:  Nancy Bogers, Loree Fettig, Rodney Wolf, Bonnie Woodworth, Pam Kukla

Back:  Sarah Wallace, Janene Knudsvig, Dan Aichele, Cindy Hanson, Cindy Agre, President, Sheila Murphy, Kevin Candrian and Bob Dolezal.

Not pictured:  Lois Bang, Shari Barnes, Cheryl Dolezal and Barb Boltz.

We are committed to providing those who need assisted living services a home away from home. If you have suggestions on how we can make you or a loved one's experience better, please share with us at Your opinion is important to us and we will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

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